Nir Agricultural Works, Ltd., is one of the leading and most veteran companies in the field of agriculture in Israel.  The company was established in 1981 and has acquired 30 years of experience in agriculture, today controlling an extensive segment of the Israeli market, from working the land, planting and crop raising, to harvesting, sorting, cracking and shelling in the company plants, and, of course, shipping of product to both domestic and international wholesalers under the brand name “Nir”.  The entire process is under the strict supervision of agronomists and a meticulous quality control system, to ensure that the product retains its quality and will reach the customer in the optimal, most efficient manner.
The company specializes in purchasing from growers across the country, from processing and commerce, beginning with the stages of crop growing right through to packing by sorting machines.we also import sunflowewr seeds pumkin seeds best quality from china and USA.
The company utilizes cutting-edge agricultural technology, from field mechanization to the top-of-the-line, global shelling and sorting machinery in its large plants, and all under full transparency to growers and customers.
The product range offered by the company includes groundnuts (peanuts, both shelled and unshelled), sunflower seeds, chickpeas (garbanzo, hummus), melon seeds, almonds, nuts, wheat and many other field crops (hay, wheat straw, etc..) which are marketed all across the country and in Europe.
The company strives for growth and expansion via the development of subsidiary companies (Shaked Hagalil and others), development of growth initiatives, development of specialized, ultramodern machinery and crop diversification.

The company operates under current ISO standards.