Watermelon seeds

The watermelon belongs to the family of field crops – leafy summer crops grown every two years, in the pumpkin family.
The species of seed watermelons grown in Israelis known as Malali.  The Malali melon contains many, particularly large seeds. Harvest and threshing of the Malali watermelon is undertaken by special, state-of-the-art machinery technology at our company, which opens the fruit and removes its seeds, while maintaining seed quality, and where the innards and rind of the watermelon remain in the field.  In addition, our company has much experience in the field of sorting watermelon seeds, with the most modern technology and optimal maintenance of product quality and uniqueness.
Watermelon seeds are a good source of various vitamins and minerals;  one cup of watermelon seeds will contain thiamine (14%), riboflavin (9%), niacin (19%), folic acid (16%), calcium (6%), iron (44%), magnesium (139%), phosphorus (82%), potassium (20%), zinc (74%), copper (37%) and manganese (87%).
We, at Nir Agricultural Works, Ltd., are constantly concerned with high yield crop growth while optimally maintaining the seed quality appropriate for shelling.
Nir Agricultural Works, Ltd., markets to major marketing networks and to all leading roasting houses in Israeland Europe. 
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