Chickpeas (hummus)

Chickpeas – better known by their Arabic name, hummus, this is a plant from the legume family.  The plant is furry, with solitary flowers, and its casings hold one to 3 chickpeas.  There are several types of chickpeas in a variety of colors.  The plant is appropriate to a hot, semi-dry climate, and flourishes best in medium to heavy earth.  The chickpea is the least sensitive to ground salinity of all the legumes.
In Israel, there is a solitary, wild species of chickpea known as split chickpea (available in various strains).
The chickpea has a high nutritional content, being an important source of protein, and contains more iron than other legumes.  It is also a good source of unsaturated fats, calcium, zinc and fibers.  Its kernels are consumed when green or following ripening – cooked, roasted or ground for flour.  The most popular forms of consumption in the Middle Eastare cooked and seasoned kernels, from which the eastern dishes of hummus and falafel are made.
Our company is characterized by the instilling of various traits in the different strains, to improve chickpea yield and enable us to reach an optimal harvest and quality, with strict maintenance of quality of plants and kernels.  In addition, the company has extensive experience in the sorting of chickpea kernels, utilizing advanced agricultural technology.
The types of chickpeas found at Nir:  Zahavit and Yarden.
Nir Agricultural Works, Ltd., markets to major marketing networks and to all leading roasting houses in Israeland Europe.
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